What We Do

Here’s a little info on how it works. First: email us. Tell us what you’re working on, and any details that might help us, like timeline, budget, etc.

The next step is we arrange a meeting with you to discuss in more detail your business/ ideas and get to know about your brand and what your trying to achieve through social video. 

We specialise in creating short video content for social media. We have all the elements in-house and all the right people on the team to handle your project from start to finish.

The Creative: 

We figure out exactly how to showcase your business/ product getting a clear message across and creating a buzz. Usually, we’ll create a treatment that explains the thinking behind our idea, a script that lays it out in detail, and a plan for what resources we’ll need to achieve it.


We work with a small team of talented people selected based on the clients needs, we then scout the locations, cast the right actors, and shoot! 


We then edit the footage, using original sound composition, visual effects, colour grading and other studio trickery, until we reach the finished article! 


When the final piece is complete, we advise on seeding the video, making sure the client gets the most reach and exposure, and consulting on the best strategy for delivery. 
Get in touch!